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Please take a minute to find out who your legislators are at the bottom of this page. Nothing gets to a legislator quicker than a hand written letter from one of their constituents. Please take the time to write.

    1. Letter Writing Topics (choose one or write on all three)A hand written letter works best. Make sure to include your name and address somewhere on the letter to let your Politician know you are from their district (this makes a huge difference).

      Right-to-Work (also being referred to as “Freedom-to-Work” now as well)
      • Provides no new work

      • Reduces wages and safety at current jobs

      • (If you voted Republican) – I voted for you because I want to protect life, not because I want you messing with my ability to be a part of a Union, my wages and benefits, or negotiate a security clause.

      Prevailing Wage
      • Prevailing wage sets local standards for wages to be paid on publically funded construction projects, which stabilizes local economies.

      • Doing away with, or drastically changing prevailing wage will allow workers from other states to come to Missouri and undercut our wages, take our jobs, and take our tax money out of state.

      • Prevailing wage enables Missourians to purchase a home, which is good for Missouri schools. As you know, school funding is tied to a homeowner’s tax, so reducing wages which, in turn, reduces home ownership and takes away from our children’s education.

      Paycheck Protection
      • Why do you keep trying to make my life more difficult by making me jump through more hoops to be able to let my Union use my money for political representation. If I don’t want to let my Union use my money for political purposes I already have that option. I choose to not exercise that right because I want my union to be able to stand up for me politically to avoid legislation like this!

      • I don’t want you messing with my livelihood.  Focus on issues that can help the state of Missouri rather than unfairly attack hard-working Missourians. This issue is not why you were elected.

      • My Union provides me with peace of mind. I want them to deduct dues because that is the only way MY pension will stay solvent.


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