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Below is a link to the secret meeting between your Missouri legislators and the National Right-to Work forces.
Included in this meeting are many of those who were involved in making Michigan a Right-to- Work (for less) state.
You need to hear this! It’s scary and appalling!

Here are a few notable statements taken from the content of this recording. These statements show that Right to Work has NOTHING to do with bringing jobs to Missouri or the rights of workers.
 “What we want to do is we want to make sure your backs are covered when it comes time for reelection. And that’s where we come in. To have the groundwork laid for you. So your backs can be covered.”
 JARED RODRIGUEZ, Western Michigan Policy Forum
 “Messaging and research is the absolute key, making sure all of the supporters of ‘freedom to work’ are all saying the same thing...It is about using the right language, right message.”
 STEVE HUNTER former state rep from Joplin
 “If you don’t take on the fights, and these guys that are giving money? I mean, this is just all basic 101 -- you’re going to start losing donors.”
 LEW UHLER, National Tax Limitation Committee
 “What you’re doing here, what you’re part of here, is a national movement, and you’re well positioned to keep this battle alive.”
“You’re sitting right in the middle of this nation, ground zero, the heartland, and you’ve got an issue like right to work that you can deal with. Others of us around the country, will be working to help you develop the very ground game that can challenge what has been going on by the other side. Finally people are recognizing that some early money and big money has to be employed now if we’re going to be competitive. And it is right here in your fair state where we can begin to develop quickly some of the very techniques and strategies that can help support you when you take on an issue of this kind, and refine your ability to sell and resell these issues.”

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